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Advanced Materials Enterprises Company Limited (AME)


We are a Hong Kong based high-tech company, specialized in innovative material and coating systems for novel and high-value applications.

We are committed to:

1. offer patented technology and application licensing;

2. invent and develop innovative technologies, applications and products; and

3. manufacture high-value components & products for professional, medical, consumer, commercial and industrial applications.

Our patented NanoHeat® heating technology is a world-first innovative technology, providing high performance and energy efficient heating functions capable with A.C., D.C. and renewable energy sources. With this innovative technology, AME was awarded the top Green Innovations Awards (2012); the Most Promising Entrepreneurship Award of the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards (2011); Hong Kong Awards for Industries: Technological Achievement Award (2009) and Certificate of Merit (2008); and the finalist against 295 companies across Asia in the 2010 Asian Innovation Awards competition organized by the Wall Street Journal Asia.

The NanoHeat® technology has delivered over 70 technology and design patents in its core technology and key application areas.

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