NanoHeat Flex-Auto Heating System

NanoHeat Flex-Auto Car Seat and Steering Wheel Heaters:

NanoHeat® FLEX-AUTO Heating System

The Next Generation Heating Solution for Electric Vehicles

In bygone days, waste heat from combustion engines kept car drivers and passengers warm during wintery road trips. But in this era of the electric vehicle, there is no waste heat, and heating the car cabin requires using precious power from the battery – contributing to major reductions in driving range, along with significant cost increases.

NanoHeat® FLEX-AUTO, an advanced nano technology solution, is a modern, sophisticated, highly efficient heating system from Advanced Materials Enterprises (AME). It delivers speedy heating from its paper-thin and flexible super graphite layers (from -20C to 40C in 1.2 minutes) – enabling warm with evenly distributed comfortable area heating.

NanoHeat® FLEX-AUTO can be delivered in all touch points within the automotive interior: in car seats, steering wheels, foot mats, door panels, armrest, centre console.